} This style of jacket seems to have been greatly influenced by the uniforms worn by the military during the First World War. Men’s 1920s accessories may have also included: 1920s men’s accessories: collar pin, cufflinks, cane, cigar, scarf, pocket watch and chain, bow tie, arm garters, gloves, socks, shoe spats. Dreamgirl Men's Good Time Charlie 1920s Style Costume. We may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking a link. Men did wear signet rings (intials) as well as club rings. It had a rounded crease down the center crown and a wide brim. Sleek And Fashionable Style Of 1920 Mens Hairstyles. The laser etching was clean, crisp, and smooth. 100% Privacy. But then I realized, that’s what makes these knives so special. The material and the fit set apart suit fashion from that time period. I need this information for a school research citation if you would not mind. As the decade grew on, the colors and patterns went wild — and so did the demand for them. The olive wood handle looked great. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Your site has been a tremendous help in my research. These ubiquitous styles belonged to fashion conscious middle class fellows, looking to shake up fashion. 99. If so what hats were worn? Vintage Inspired Men’s Clothing – 1920s to 1960s men’s clothing retailers to shop fro; Watches – Read the history of men’s pocket watches and wrist watches. When it comes to pocket knives, I’ve seen it all. Several of these tattoos resonated with me. Did men wear wedding rings in the 1920s? They have nautical themes, animals, motorcycles, guitars, sports, and a myriad of other choices. 99. 1920s Tailored Suits: Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye, 20 th Century Fashion, 1999. $38.99 $ 38. The fashion of dapper suits came later in this era. Similar oval crown hats were made of finer Panama straw or coarse coconut fiber with a slightly rolled brim. There was also the roll neck sweater, called a turtle neck, which was slim fitting and quite warm. The closed length is around 4.25 inches, while the overall opened length is just over 8 inches. Other accessories were round framed glasses and sunglasses. Men usually wore their hair parted to the side with some kind of pomade to hold it in place. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-11wrsl6fb")); Hello! Wealthy bootleggers and gangsters in the 1920s would have been impeccably dressed in the latest suit fashions, imported from Europe and tailored to a perfect fit. Gentlemen also paired the look with dress shirts, sweaters and silk neckties. I’ll be frank with you, right off the bat. This is a trendy “vintage inspired” look right now but not historically accurate unless you were poor. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,032. The 1920s men’s fashion Gatsby was at the top which was evident from the Gatsby characters’ attires. It was a poor man’s day-to-day hat as well as a wealthier man’s sports hat. My grandfather was a fantastic clarinet player, and he kept a plastic treble clef hanging from a suction cup on his sliding patio door. While we all love our manly pursuits, this knife doesn’t belong field dressing game or cutting lashing for a makeshift camp. I thought maybe I should’ve gone with something more basic to allow myself to give a perfectly unbiased review. A note on plus fours: The style popular among male golfers of the 1920s, allowed for easier movements on the course. Most modern vests are longer than vintage vests to accommodate mid-rise pants. 1920s Mens Fedora Hat,Gatsby Gangster Vest,Vintage Pocket Watch,Plastic Cigar,Pre Tied Bow Tie,Tie. This type of coat reached well below the knee and was made of thick material such as wool. 1929 felt hats – homburgs and snap-brim fedora. Men also abandoned highly formal daily attire and even began to wear athletic clothing for the first time. It’s not too expensive either – see prices here. The round top black, brown, or grey Derby hat (bowler) continued to be worn by British businessmen, but was hardly seen in America. Whether it’s a date night with my wife, or I’m wearing a nice jacket, I carry it when it can really top off my style. 1920s Men’s fashion 1920s Men’s Suiting. And pose 1925, where men’s clothing became a little less formal and more expressive. The waistband came up the natural waist (at or above the navel) with a deep seat for ample room. It was the first time that middle class citizens were able to use material goods to express who they were. A white cotton handkerchief was kept in the pants pocket for practical necessities. I’m very glad I found this guide as it was incredibly useful for a Gatsby project in my English class. However, the long tails of previous decades were replaced with the tuxedo, and most men wore a crisp white shirt underneath. Fedora style was also accompanied by bowler hats, another 20s movie staple. Lighter colors, such as nudes and white, were favored by the wealthy. It was a time of classic sophistication with a level of fun that has gone by the wayside in favor of more and more casual modern clothing. For women, this meant shorter skirts and simple shapes, while men enjoyed casual suits. Dressing in vintage style clothing for a themed event or personal fashion is our passion. Men either wore a bow tie in wide stripes or polka dots, a striped or plaid necktie or a neck scarf tie. Formal suits still came in black as the standard color. This exposed the socks, which were worn high up the leg calf and secured with sock garters. Modern suits are currently favoring a very slim fit which is not accurate to the 1920s. I must ask about your sponsoring organization and publication date? The first thing I noticed was that it was light. 1920s suits have influenced menswear ever since, from the 1940s zoot suit to tighter-fitting modern styles. It was quite wide fitting with an attached brim. }); We will get back to you once our team reviews and approves the image. You’ll have choices between metal finishes, wood species, and three sizes. I am working on a series of detective novels set in the late 1920s and early 1930s. We carry a full line of goods, featuring frock coats, victorian and western shirts, victorian waistcoats, trousers, top hats and bowlers, footwear, walking sticks, and other necessities. However, many overlapped in style. 1923 men wearing straw hats- optimo panama hat and boaters. There isn’t a thumb stud or flipper lever on the Deejo. Like the 1920s era itself, men’s fashion history of the Jazz Age was driven by youth. Have a tailor sew on buttons and cuff your trousers for the most accuracy. The craftsmanship was outstanding. Top 61 Best Purple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide], The Top 48 Study Room Ideas – Interior Home and Design, Top 65 Best Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide], Top 67+ Best Cat Skull Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide], Under Armour Launch ‘Curry Brand’ With Stephen Curry. Remember that one moan I mentioned during my first impression? 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "1920s mens fashion" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. 1-16 of over 2,000 results for "1920s fashion men" Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Men’s pants hung down to the top of the shoe to prevent the crease from buckling. Vests aren’t as popular now, but they were essential to the overall twenties style. The upper class wore top hat and homburg hat, while the middle class wore the fedora hat, trilby hat, and bowler hat. Regardless, many of the most popular men’s fashion styles today are still modeled from the fashion of that decade. Jun 7, 2015 - Explore Topperty Infinity's board "1920's men's suit fashion" on Pinterest. When I left that career, I started transitioning my style and EDC gear to a more smart casual, mature aesthetic. with prices, descriptions and pictures . Tattoo is a fair description. Keep reading to find out how this knife fared. 1920s Mens Fedora Hat,Gatsby Gangster Vest,Vintage Pocket Watch,Plastic Cigar,Pre Tied Bow Tie,Tie. 90. This article will help answer that: https://vintagedancer.com/1920s/dress-in-great-gatsby-clothes-for-men/. Neckties had diagonal stripes, plaid, check, paisley, or an Art Deco inspired pattern. 4.4 out of 5 stars 644. They also had pockets and buttoned up the front. If you were solidly middle class, you would have owned a fedora hat. They took advantage of the newly implemented work-free weekend to relax on … Like womenswear, the look had to be completed. 99. Thanks for the great information! The fad was short lived, but it would later become a staple to Jazz Age era of fashion. The other fun bit of color in a 1920s men’s outfit was the neckwear. Wingtips made an entrance. While I got a free product, you’ll get an honest assessment of a luxe, highly-customizable pocket knife. 10 Easy 1920s Men’s Costumes Ideas 1920s Working Class Men’s Costume. Shirts were sold by neck size only, making the sleeves too long and the body extra wide on many men. Now, i do have some questions if you do not mind me asking? Casual or workwear pants featured even bigger patterns and stripes and more colors than suit trousers. Often worn while driving, men frequently paired them with straw hats for driving style. Hanayome Men's Slim Fit Suit Blazer Jacket Tux Vest & Trousers 3-Piece Suit Set. White collar workers frequently wore pinstripes as a sign of financial status. The most casual sports shoe was the canvas high top sneaker (Converse) or low top flats (Keds, Plimsoles) in all white or white with brown leather trim. Although patent leather was still the only formal style shoe available, men began to wear this style with a perforated flap over the lace. Men would ask their barbers to leave the hair long enough on top to comb it backwards. Our fashion history blog helps you create the look from decades past using vintage, vintage inspired and thrifty clothing, Need help? Questions about sizing and shipping are answered on the merchants website. 1920s Adult Men's Gangster Shirt, Vest and Tie Costume Accessories Set Roaring 20s Fancy Dress Up Outfit Suit. There’s no design flaw that keeps it from clipping to my left front pocket. Learn more about men’s sweaters. It sits on my desk where I can enjoy it and use it several times a day. For day, evening, work, or parties, a man always wore a suit. Early 1900's fashion was dictated by time of day and followed a general rule of morning coats till noon, lounge suits until 6 o' clock, then evening clothes depending on the specific occasion. It does feature a liner lock, and quite a good one at that. With that said, the Deejo still maintains an excellent edge. Leather jacket styles featured both fur collars and plain. The poor and lower classes could not always afford a matching vest, so they would wear whatever they could find in a similar shade of color or simply go without. The colour of suiting typically indicated social status and wealth. That simply wasn’t the case. I went with a mirror polish as well, as I felt the contrast between the shiny blade and the matte engraving would tattle on Deejo if the production wasn’t spot-on. Solid colors in the same light shades were available in the late 1920s. This website is supported by advertising in the form of product links, banners, and sponsored articles. Aug 8, 2018 - Explore kerrilee Noble's board "1920s Menswear", followed by 599 people on Pinterest. 1927 Ladies' and Men's Fashion Clothing From 1927 in the late 1920s for Ladies dresses, skirts and blouses and mens clothing styles etc. I am so glad you received many compliments. The two other items of color in an older, wealthy gentleman’s wardrobe were gloves and pocket squares. a class ring, a signet ring? Middle Class: Bowler Hat, trilby hat, and fedora. Though you might be dying thinking of wearing a wool suit now, this was a more comfortable material than what men had to choose from back then. Dark blue denim was used for overalls and heavy-duty work pants. If you were upper class, you retained the top hat style. The height of the suit lapels is what really sets 1920s suits apart from suits of other eras. We specialize in authentic 19th century men's fashion and furnishings. Oct 15, 2020 - Explore Shaki's board "Men 's Fashion From The 1920, 1930,& 1940's" on Pinterest. Tips for your vest: It was a fashion faux pax to have a shirt exposed between the pants and vest. Your outfit sounds great. I know, that sounds like a beer commercial, but there’s no better way to describe this work. A history of 1920s mens sweaters including the sporty tennis sweater, colorful fair isle sweater, collegiate shawl collar sweater, and cardigan sweater. 99. Join our other 1920s, 1940s and 1950s decade specific email lists here. Here in this article, I will discuss the 1920s men’s fashion in detail. The influence of sports and the rise of sports stars caused some casual changes in the men’s fashion of the day. Neutral suits were popular, but the colours that a man would elect to wear reflected more than just his tonal preference. This season, the decade that has captured the attention of designers and stylish gents around the world is the ’90s. They were designed to be worn over knickers, which were banned in classrooms. Big burly knives, carbon fiber accessories, and matte black finishes stopped appealing to me. The top button came to the center of the heart, giving way to notch lapels that grew wider each year. Though more casual styles began appearing, the formality of previous decades carried over. It needs to be where I can see it and appreciate it. Having said that, make sure you order as early as possible if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas. $36.99 $ 36. It could be easy for a knifemaker to create a tiny knife and call it lightweight, but that’s not what Deejo does. It was considered a time of great change. It was so secure, in fact, that it was initially challenging to remove the knife to check it out. 5% coupon applied at … Deejo states that much of the knife’s structural integrity comes from the pocket clip. My concern is this will dull the blade. To me, this knife belongs in plain sight. SOME LINKS MAY BE AFFILIATE LINKS. They sure did wear wedding rings. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,032. Tips for your pants: Get a pair of high waisted pants and you are half way to a 1920s look. Those fedoras were holdovers from the gangster styles, working class or middle class men coming into sudden money, but keeping the style associated with their own class. A simple comb over was considered stylish in 1920s. The knees were gathered, and they were typically worn with some kind of bright sock. $79.90 $ 79. If you’re looking for the golden age of men’s fashion, you don’t have to look further than the 1920s. 99. I knew the dimensions when I ordered the knife, but comparing its heft to its size in person allowed me to appreciate the design that much more. I custom ordered a knife that I knew was coming from France, so I didn’t expect to see it anytime soon. During summer vacations, you would wear a straw hat. When buttoned, jackets would completely cover vests, exposing only the shirt collar and necktie. VintageDancer.com links to clothing for sale online to make finding vintage inspired clothing easier. Shop 20s style men's Peaky Blinders coats. https://www.themanual.com/fashion/1920s-menswear-style-guide They were made of thin leather and buttoned at the wrist, sometimes with scalloped edges, but usually cut straight. Leather soles were the same color as the shoe body with the exception of sports shoes, which may have had rubber crepe soles. Read: Privacy Policy, Disclosure, Terms and Conditions. Do you know if newsboy hats were worn with suits (a simple one with just a blazer, shirt, and bowtie)? This lent shoes an air of artsy design, and signaled that a man was part of the jazz age. Many institutions banned plus fours and knickerbockers in an effort to reign in the casual styles of fashion. 1. With the knife closed, the end of the blade rests on the wood handle, and it has enough room to wiggle and rub the blade edge against the wood. This knife is beautiful. $38.99 $ 38. I would say so. A similar short pant were breeches (jodhpurs) used for hunting, riding, outdoor work, and uniforms for chauffeurs and military men. But that’s with good reason. Suit jackets were single or double breasted. An offshoot of knickerbockers was a style called “plus-fours.” These were the same loose-fitting, gathered at the knee style, but they reached about 4 inches further down below the knee. This outfit is experiencing a revival today as a unique groom’s attire. Men could also wear skinny knit ties in addition to the bow tie. It was meant to be worn over the entire suit. Thank you Debbie for all your hard work. See more ideas about 1920s mens fashion, Mens fashion, 1920s fashion. I don’t know if Deejo gave me special attention, but this knife was on my doorstep way before I expected it. In the 1920s, men’s shirt collars were going soft for comfort, which made them easily wrinkled. So let’s start from the top. 1927 Ladies' and Men's Fashion Clothing From 1927 in the late 1920s for Ladies dresses, skirts and blouses and mens clothing styles etc. Unlike women’s fashion, men’s fashion was centered in London during the 1920s. Both collared and collarless vests were worn in Peaky Blinders (Peaky blinders looking to do gangster things!). With cars becoming more popular, and more affordable, it was only fitting that fashion would reflect a particular fascination with the automobile. A new age had begun. Beneath their tailored suit, a white dress shirt and a starched removable white collar. I believe it; it’s burly. He’ll be perfectly polished (never preppy) in our long-sleeve button downs or date night-ready in a slightly fitted vintage-ins Suit jacket lapels grew wider each year, the peak lapel became a new trend, and the slit pocket became a new feature to suits by the late 1920s. 1920s Mens Suits Win All Attention In The 1920s Mens Fasion Suits There are several different features to look at when it comes to 1920s mens clothing mens especially the 1920s mens suits. Men's Fashion in the Early 1900's. The lighter the suit, the wealthier the wearer. Real gentlemen know quality when they see it. Men in the 1920s wore suits with hats into town and flannel at home. The fur collar coat or wool ulster was favored in winter, while the light trench coat was ideal in rainy climates. $32.99 $ 32. 4.5 out of 5 stars 700. Read more about 1920s men’s hat styles here. ... COOFANDY Mens Formal Fashion Layered Vest Waistcoat Dress Suit Vests. Given my penchant for being hard to please, the Deejo was already off to an excellent start. Here’s a debate for your fashion clique: the 1920s—fashion’s greatest decade? if not, a ring on the left ring finger would signify what? For more formal wear, and for some of the upper class, bow ties were the ruling fashion. Men would have a double breasted vest that came up high and fit snug. 1920s men’s dress shirts were made of colorful vertical stripes in a mixture of colors– tan, green, blue, lilac, sage green, yellow, peach, pink, and white. The … Budget: Suits imported from Italy have a very ’20s wide fit as well as bold stripes and patterns. Shirts with attached collars were either made with the same material or were white collared. Most men did not deviate from these societal “uniforms.” When looking at pictures of large crowds of men from the 1920s it is strikingly obvious how similarly most men dressed. I was wondering if it actually matters what knot I use for my tie? More 1920s men’s costume ideas… Click to learn. Wonderful! ), as well as classy British events such as Royal Ascots. In my opinion, it belongs in the inner pocket of a blazer or sport coat. Keep in mind clean looks in all aspects, hair down to the shoes. 2. The Great Gatsby shocked the fashionable world by wearing a shirt without a collar and then everyone copied him. $34.99 $ 34. This was shocking at first, but professional swimmers wore this style until it became more common for everyone. Aside from hats, which were required in fashion, other accessories included suspenders in brighter colors, and around this time waist belts became more popular. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Wide Leg: Wide leg dress pants can be found at, Budget: Choose classic or modern fit pants in bold patterns, tweed or linen and pair with suspenders/belt and/or a, Suits: Choose a derby, homburg or wide brim fedora in a color opposite of your suit, Casual: Choose a newsboy cap (not matching clothing color) or straw boater, Summer: A light straw Panama or straw fedora or light colored felt hat will keep you cool, Bag – A leather messenger style bag with short handles helped men carry papers to work or school. The colour of suiting typically indicated social status and wealth. While some of them are busy, none of them appear hokey or cheesy. 1920s men’s sewing patterns – Vintage men’s sewing patterns. The 1920s Oxford was a short lace up in black, dark brown, rust-brown, or white with a cap toe. The Influence of Popular Culture on 1920s Mens Fashion. Deejo knows this isn’t the typical EDC-style knife. It’s just not the one to reach for when prying open a paint can. 4.3 out of 5 stars 348. The fashion of men’s suits was very popular in the 1920s. The only exceptions were for blue-collar workers, sport players, and young teen and college men who dressed more casually — but even they owned second-hand and often mismatched suits, and wore them with pride. 1920s Men’s fashion 1920s Men’s Suiting. 1920s men’s fashion colors were mostly neutral with patterns, but the accessories popped with vibrant colors– just like they did for women’s 1920s fashion. Most companies that send me products to review seem to grab something off the shelf, check it over quickly, and ship it out. It’s not because it’s a lousy knife to carry. jQuery('.imgupdated').show(); Marked by it's tightly fitted jacket, high "pinched" waist and narrow shoulders, the conservative suit cut a thin silhouette - hardly the look of the American businessman as we've come to know him. Thanks again for all of the information, and look forward to your response! Darker colors were worn in the winter – blues, greys, and browns – in solid, tweed, plaid, and check patterns. Usually made of wool tweed or thick wool, jackets of the early 1920s were impeccably tailored featuring narrow shoulders and a pinched waist. The high rise of the trouser is what makes men’s 1920s pants very different than today’s options. With the blade open, the thick stainless bar snaps right into place, chocking the blade open with almost zero play. Other straw hats came in the Leghorn style, gambler, western Carlsbad, and fedora. © COPYRIGHT 2020 Next Luxury ALL RIGHT RESERVED. The seats and inner legs were often double layers fabric or suede. In the late 1920s, the double-breasted or U-shaped shawl vest in matching or contrasting bold prints added variety to young men’s suits. I’m better acquainted with this knife now, so I’m over the awkward phase, but it does take a bit of getting used to. UK shoppers look here too. They often included a white scarf as an accessory. Their opulent price tag made them extremely desirable. My biggest complaint rears its head when the knife is in the closed position. There were designated times when a man was supposed to wear a suit, a flannel shirt, and so on. I don’t carry the Deejo often. This is no ordinary knife; its stunning looks make it the perfect Christmas present. The blue blazer over white or ivroy pants was a common sailing uniform and summer fashion for upper classes. His scientific and creative approach to … These were baggy trousers worn in casual settings such as for golf or other sports. Neutral solid colors like blue, khaki, grey and green were favored over lighter colors. Golf caps were also wide and floppy, not narrow and fitted. He was quite a trendsetter!). It was worn for weddings that took place in the morning (get it? It’s actually quite the opposite. The casual cap, an 8-panel floppy cap, was worn by lower classes all day and by upper classes doing casual or sports activities. Publication date April 19, 2015, This is a great guide. He has the confidence to pull it off. Enthusiastic spectators also began wearing the blazers to sporting events. 1920s Men’s Suits Men’s Pants or Trousers. Accessories: Neckties or bow ties, pocket watch or wrist watch, collar pin, cane, gloves, scarf, spats, cufflinks. At Unique Vintage we believe your man should look as presentable as you, darling, which is why we’ve put together this collection of some of our favorite unique men’s clothing and accessories. Mastering 20s style is essential to bringing back the class and dignity of that era of dress. The turn of the century had most men wearing lace-up dress boots, but by the 1920s, the preferred shoe was the Oxford. In the mid-1920s attached collars became the preferred standard. Fashion from 1910–1919 in the Western world was characterized by a rich and exotic opulence in the first half of the decade in contrast with the somber practicality of garments worn during the Great War.Men's trousers were worn cuffed to ankle-length and creased. Clean, well proportioned, and it seems deeper than the laser etching, though I can’t say that for sure. The waist band came far higher than the wearer’s natural waist. Importance of 1920's clothing mens Era in the World of Fashion Although, the transformation is the world of fashion was evident due to the liberal and rebellious appearance of women, men too created a huge impact in the society by showing some good knowledge in style and fashion sense. Dress shirts were often lightly colored or white, with or without collar. 1920s Mens Fedora Hat,Gatsby Gangster Vest,Vintage Pocket Watch,Plastic Cigar,Pre Tied Bow Tie,Tie To keep them up, men used button-on suspenders (clip-on were not invented yet.) Twenties fashion is often remembered for its glitz and glamour, though underlying this was a move toward simplicity in dress. } Men’s 1920s Fashion. jQuery('input[type="file"]').val(''); If you don’t have an olive wood handled knife in your collection, do yourself a favor and start shopping for one. They were made of heavy cotton, flannel, wool, or chambray with one or two chest pockets. He liked boots and long overcoats. The twenties was a time of great variety for pant styles. This simple hairdo is terrific for any event given that the hair looks neat. It was worn with a captain’s hat and either white nubuck Oxfords or two-tone sport Oxfords. White trousers paired with a navy blue blazer was a common summer outfit for yacht owners and ivy league college kids. More information 1920's Teenagers Mens Fashion - Suit, Shoes, & Hats with Pictures. « 1930s Plus Size, Curvy, Mature Fashion Inspiration, 1950s Teenager Fashions – Girls’ Fashion Trends and Clothing Styles », 1920s men’s sweaters and knit vests history, social history of hats and hat wearing etiquette, how to create 10 different 1920s men’s outfit, Banker, Barbershop singer/musician, or Bartende, https://vintagedancer.com/1920s/dress-in-great-gatsby-clothes-for-men/, https://vintagedancer.com/1920s/1920s-mens-formal-wear-tuxedos-and-dinner-jackets/, Privacy Policy, Disclosure, Terms and Conditions. Moderate: The classic suits in bold patterns from. I want to be very transparent. Learn more about 1920s men’s sweaters and knit vests history. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 1920s men’s fashion was the start of menswear as we know it today. So if this is the same company I would just love to say; Thankyou immensely!! The new dinner jacket (tuxedo jacket) began to replace the long tailcoat in the mid-’20s as a more casual and comfortable option. They were mostly two pieces, a pair of shorts and a longer tank top that came down just above the end of the shorts. Cricket team wears striped blazers, white trousers, boater hats. Hat Tips: Vintage fedora hats had wide brims, not the skinny brims sold with modern fedoras. Rudolph Valentino wears spats over his shoes. Many of the suit styles seen today still reflect the changes made during this time period. Suits were a central part of the 20s man’s fashion. This decade was a time when fashion took a turn from the conservative, old styles into a new era of fashion. as well as ivory or white linen and cotton seersucker for summer. These had plenty of material through the hip and thigh. jQuery('.imgupdated').hide(); It had a flat oval top and stiff round brim. Hey I’m doing a project on the great gatsby and was wondering if you knew what the character nicks fashion would be like thanks! Apr 19, 2016 - Shop 1920s men's shoes: two tone oxfords, white nubucks, saddle shoes, lace up boots, spats and tennis shoes. Attached collars offered a softer feel in comparison to the rigid and uncomfortable nature of detachable collars. Collar pins which were quite popular during the 1920s, were placed through eyelet holes. Soft point was reserved for button down shirts. 4.3 out of 5 stars 348. jQuery('label.imgupdated span').click(function(e){ Shirt collars were round (club collars or penny collars), pointed (2.5-3.5 long) spread (less common), or buttoned down. Consider buying a well-made, and well fitting hat. 1920s Tailored Suits: Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing. The look of men wearing red or white silk scarves with formal suits came about in the 1940’s. For casual pants, men paired these sweaters and knit shirts with the knickerbockers or plus-fours mentioned above. Vintage 1927 1920's Fashion Clothes.