[9] As it was the first ministry outside Paris for the fledgling community, Louise made the arduous journey there in the company of three nuns. Along with being devoted to her family, Louise was also active in ministry in her parish. She is mistakenly referred to as an incorrupt saint; the body enshrined in the chapel is actually a wax effigy, containing her bones. "SaintLouise, Catechist." Louis was a member of the prominent de Marillac family and was a widower at the time of Louise’s birth. Only over a long period of time, as Vincent de Paul became more acquainted with Louise, did he come to realize that she was the answer to his prayers. But Louise soon found herself nursing her beloved husband through a long illness that finally led to his death. [2] She also believed that she had received the insight that she would be guided to a new spiritual director whose face she was shown. Saint Louise de Marillac is the Patron Saint of: , 28 West Liberty Street Louise de Marillac was canonized in 1934 and declared patroness of social workers in 1960. Her feast day is May 9th. She often taught: "Be diligent in serving the poor. She never knew her mother. //-->