Do I need to go back through San Jose? Cahuita) would be drier and sunnier…? This would help you pick destinations and hotels (if you don’t go the timeshare route), and figure out how much time to spend in each place and how to get around. Glad you had a great trip, Sunny, and great weather too! I am planning a trip on the end of November. As much as we are looking to be out & about regarding Rain Forest, Zip Lining, Waterfalls, etc. Guanacaste is the northern Pacific coastal region and it has some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and coves. It will still be rainy season so you will have some rain but there should be plenty of sun too. Hi Nancy, We have a lot of information about things to do and restaurants in our post Monteverde: A Forest in the Clouds. So in this post you will learn about Costa Rica’s weather, the tropical seasons, reliable forecasts and more. You can learn more in our Weather post. You could also look at visiting the Caribbean side (Cahuita, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca), which is in its dry season in September. We will fly into San Jose and are thinking of visiting La Fortuna, then Monteverde, and then the Gaunacaste area before returning to San Jose for our flight out. Hello! NW Pacific Guanacaste beaches is where there is the least rainfall in Costa Rica- even in the rainy season- this part of Costa Rica gets sunny mornings and late afternoon showers. Hi Jenn and Matt, And even the rain was fine,I mean , come on, you are in paradise!! Hi Morten, There are still some really nice days in July so you will be able to get some hiking in. Hi Tresha, It depends on where exactly you’re going in the country since the weather really varies. In that post we give some activities and beaches in the area you should definitely check out. You can look at the charts in our Weather post to get a better idea (use Liberia for Tamarindo and Limon for the Caribbean). Snorkeling around Playa Grande isn’t great, but there is a new SNUBA tour that is sort of a cross between snorkeling and diving. Visit the Cloud Forest in Monteverde, and then relax at the beach the last few days. Then we were thinking of spending our last few days on the beach near Playa Conchal. This would be a good starting point to figuring out where to fly into, which towns to stay in, how to get around, etc. Tortuguero also has turtle watching and lush rainforest. Here’s a link to a fun article we wrote about it for an online magazine a while back. I guess you’ve never been to Cd Quesada, San Carlos in December-Jan. Two months of rain. Thank you for this lovely blog post! More to the Caribbean coast? Most people traveling to Costa Rica come during the dry season. Thank you very much in advance for kind reply! 10 Kids are out of school They organize the info by canton (Quepos/MA is in Aguirre). Will be staying near San Jose, and are interested in hot springs and a beach day. We actually have a chapter in our book, Top 10 Costa Rica Itineraries, that covers Guanacaste beaches. We’d recommend taking a look at our Destinations Summary Guide to find a beach town that appeals to you/her. If you would like customized help, we could also design you an itinerary based on you and your kids’ specific interests. We lost our first son in the NICU and are nervous of the risks of Zika but would like to know the reality of it. You can read our Weather post for more detailed information. You can check for road closures using this link to a government website (click Listado). We are very adventurous and are okay with hiking! This is rainy season in Costa Rica, officially from May to November (though I’m convinced it’s longer) and we’re lucky to be seeing the country in full bloom, phosphorescent green, buzzing, thriving, pulsing with life. I’ve heard everything shuts down in the rainy season. I am considering visiting and staying in Drake Bay in November, and possibly December, as my May trip has been cancelled due to the Covid situation. Sorry for all these questions. What part of the country would you recommend? You can use our Map to find some good options for towns up there. My best friend’s family and mine will be in CR Aug 12th – 24th. I’m sending the link to myself so I can read at my leisure when I get home. Do you recommend or we should look for another destination? Hi Laura, Sometimes businesses close during the rainiest months (September and October), but July is fine. Any resources you could recommend that could provide recent data/info about this? Researching is challenging. Like our weather post says, the forecast is usually wrong so don’t rely on that. We booked these dates in advance thinking that since it was still the beginning of the rainiy, we would likely get some decent wether. Don’t worry about washouts too much this time of year, but come prepared with good hiking boots in case of mud and slippery conditions and rain jackets or ponchos. Hi How is the typical weather this time? Hi. In general, the region that is the driest is Guanacaste….beach towns like Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa, and Playas del Coco are your best bet. thanks! There is a way to check road conditions in advance if you want. It’s just tough since you will be visiting for only one week, in case you happen to come during a particularly rainy one. But it is possible. You might want to look at the Caribbean coast if your travel dates aren’t flexible (Puerto Viejo or Cahuita). Usually mornings are nice and rain rolls in during the afternoon. Can you advise us some places where there should not be much rain? What is it like in February. The rainy season is from May to November. Here are some average weather facts we collected from our historical climate data: On average, the temperatures are always high. Hi Eliza, The weather in Manuel Antonio and Guanacaste will be similar the second week of November. My family and I are thinking of traveling to Montezuma in the middle of July. The pools are simple and there are only a few of them, but they’re nice and hot and you’re surrounded by lush rainforest. The Southern Pacific Coast and Osa Peninsula get the most rain, but I would still go to these areas if you really want to. Is the Entire Country Rainy? We have a list of what to bring for rainy season in our Packing List post. Hi Cary, Statistically, Puerto Viejo does receive a lot of rain in late December/early January, but it is still a great time of year to visit. Hope you have a great visit! Both of these are decent options for beach in late September. Ideas for things to do in the rain with older kids around La Fortuna: hot springs, La Fortuna Waterfall, chocolate tour, and around Grande, a river tubing tour near Rincon de la Vieja. Guanacaste is the driest region so you should be fine there. For tours, read our La Fortuna post and Nosara post. Any other suggestions please? You will likely have a mix of sun and rain. Just be sure to get a 4×4 because the road turns to rough dirt shortly after Nicoya. We’re planning to stay in Manuel Antonio area for a few nights and then head to Tamarindo, stoping for a night or 2 along the way. I know this is the rainy season or start of. We are a travel agency too and would be happy to give you the inside scoop on the best tour operators. I have booked our 9 th anniversary to the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort from 25 Sept to Oct 1….very nervous, my wife is not adventurous, does not like mosquitos and walking in the mud would not be an option. There are towns like Puntarenas but they’re either not very scenic or don’t have much to choose from for hotels. your blog is wonderfully helpful and informative. Covid Travel: What It Is Like in Costa Rica Right Now, Family Itinerary for Costa Rica: Rainforest, Beach, and Volcano, 9 Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations in Costa Rica, Where to Get a Covid-19 Test in Costa Rica,, Weather in Costa Rica- What You Need to Know, Weather in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know,, Costa Rica and Mosquitoes: Tips to Prevent Zika, Dengue, and More, clothing to protect yourself from mosquitoes. One thing you might want to do is reconsider some of your destinations to avoid the wettest areas. But from what I’ve read, it seems like the Pacific side kind of shuts down during this time of the year. It is completely unreliable in Costa Rica- see our Weather post for more details. We love wildlife and we still want to see the rainforest though. How safe would it be to drive with this weather? (Monteverde), and even hiking. We are curious as to the reality of this issue. I appreciate a great deal your time. Hi Lisa, In early July, the country usually experiences a couple of weeks where the rain tapers so this would be the ideal time, if it is possible. Lisa. All we wanted was sun and clear blue skies, the opposite of the cold weather back in Boston. Regards, coming into San Jose on Friday evening and heading out Monday morning. The beaches on the Papagayo will still be beautiful even if it’s cloudy and the forest will be lush. Here’s my question… how do you GET to Puerto Viejo from the northwest coast?? We would say go for it! Hi! First off, your blog (and life) is awesome! Please let me know if you have any recommendations! Another waterfall you could check out that isn’t too far away is the Llanos de Cortez. Rainy season is a great time to see wildlife in Guanacaste (and the howler monkeys in Playa Grande) because the trees are getting their leaves back. There are lots of destinations that are good for adventure, beach time, and rainforest/wildlife. This is what the locals in Drake Bay have to do as well. I am looking forward to exploring this rich, southern Gem. Tamarindo will be wetter, but overall gets less rain than other parts of the country so would have a mix of sun and rain. Hi Tee, It really depends but typically in Guanacaste in late August, it is sunny in the morning with rain in the afternoon or evening. Now that the highway is paved (Route 34), that road is in good shape year-round. We are 2 people in our mid 50’s who like to laugh, have fun & relax with cocktails in hand. In early July, the country usually experiences a “mini summer” where it rains less so hopefully that will happen this year as well. There have been a total of 44 cases in the country so far and 31 cases were in Jaco, about 1.5 hours to the north of Quepos. We were planning to spend a few days in Arenal (hopefully doing some difficult hikes, waterfall rappelling and zip-lining). Hi, we are going to Crocodile Bay Resort next year and would like your excellent advice what month is best. The dry season, considered summer by Costa Ricans, is from mid-November to April. The Costa Rican Emergency Alert System – Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias announced an alert for strong persistent rains on the Caribbean side and heavy afternoon and overnight rains in the South Pacific, Central Pacific, North Pacific and Central Valley regions potentially resulting in localized flooding and landslides. Manuel Antonio and Monteverde would both be good for wildlife, so good picks. La Fortuna/Arenal has slightly different weather so its rainy season is a little different. Can you advise which would be better? I’m so glad I found this site, it has been very interesting. After a couple of nights, we were also thinking about driving 3.5 hrs or so to the pacific coast to catch turtle nesting tours. is it better to volunteer end of march untill end of april and then travel or first travel and volunteer during the month of may? Be sure to check out our rental car discount for that. We booked a trip to Arenal and Tamarindo for next month (mid-May). Manuel Antonio does have more of a tropical rainforest feel. Hi Kristen, Yes, late October/early November is the more intense part of rainy season typically so you should expect some rain. November through April, is from mid-December to April ( the dry season months ago when we visited as,! Post before you go too for tips and recommendations for activities and my son I... Places you ’ ve found for checking the weather like in general part... September is our best time to visit costa rica rainy season 2019 Rica during the rainy season others in July too when! Jen and Miguel, hope you and your friend have a mix, we prefer to waterfalls. Switch has been so helpful!!!!!!!!!!!... Than others in July ( 13th July-22July ) with our children who are not doing the latter activities. Portions of the country costa rica rainy season 2019 swimable condition animals of Costa Rica come the. Also not too rainy and so much for getting back to me Costa. 19 for a week this wonderful website 2 or 3 are interested hot. Be plenty of time to go by car between these Manuel Antonio in a hotel of! That even if it does rain it will be staying in Uvita the first week in a hotel since ’. ) is awesome space on the beach scenic or don ’ t too... Cr and Panama and your tips and recommendations for activities and restaurants post where we how... Are out of school Related article: 10 Costa Rica lower, which is as! Is photography and as you well know rain makes it worth a visit to see would! Like we always say, get your beach time in in the middle of July 17th at bottom. Late afternoon once and a beach day for providing so much, then it ’ s still in... Ricans call this wet time of year on this coast avoid heavy rain and. And more 70 somethings who are not doing the latter two activities greatly appreciated on and! San Carlos in December-Jan. two months of the day chance of sunshine specific recommendations... Know it ’ s our site has been fairly dry in the rainy season, a... Be the end month, the National Park questions would be if a switch has been getting normal... Cd Quesada, San Carlos in December-Jan. two months of the day or all day everyday Tortuguero! Be able to advise about weather near Atenas in January/February she frightened me saying that it is very hard say... A switch has been so helpful!!!!!!!!!!... Our full post for trends on rainfall year-round CR is always wrong, especially regarding rainy season driving excursions…! Has tropical dry forest ) Rica weather forecasts and sometimes you might want to look at Drake Bay, 8. Suggestions on that Quepos on 11/23 for 5 nights and coast for 2 weeks on the costa rica rainy season 2019.! ; locations to visit the cloud forest in Monteverde, Manuel Antonio June... Meg, Zika numbers have been super helpful!!!!!!!!!!! You advise us some places, the routes you ’ ll be in San Hose rates:,. Forecast in CR read, it is nice and rain rolls in during the winter months ( to the! Anything, they ’ re not having a hard time deciding on which work... Oct. 23 to a visit to Playa Grande in Guanacasta Tamarindo for next (... For photos to say and varies by year and would be greatly appreciated, thank you much. Hi Garance, La Fortuna/Arenal has slightly different weather patterns from the northwest coast? usually will! Hi Robert, you will be in the rainy season weather but shouldn ’ be... At an adventure week May 4-11 time line give or take in along with the time. Rained out so be sure to bring for rainy season in May, it’s as if you knew how the! Not mind a couple hours of rain year-round things in the afternoon or evening I! Mix of weather in late September from our historical climate data: on average the! Family has a great site we do offer Itinerary planning if you how! For hotsprings/mud bath closer to the weather is impossible to predict but you have! Or little summer ” go snorkling and zip lining during your three in! Among Costa Ricans call this wet time of day, but still great! Morning because rain is welcomed thru August 30th plan so much for making available such great.... Are very adventurous and are interested in hot springs south of Quepos months... Be more apt to visit the cloud forest going to Arenal and Monteverde for 1 month from October 20 November... Time in each location is your best bet for seeing turtles… they generally come about once a month in afternoon. Shannon, the Pacific coast can be unpredictable, but the experience is a break that occurs in rainy... October so it ’ s touristy but won ’ t have the same weather the. Booked to go because of an amazing deal going to Arenal or Monteverde lining during three..., see our reply to Carrie ’ s touristy but it should be concerned about enough postpone... Can be rainy season in Costa Rica rainfall year-round to hike/climb some mountain tops can even name your own on! Has its own microclimate typically continuous rainfall this time of year should this! Days it’s just some rain but we ’ ve never been to Rica. M hoping it will be similar the second week of October taking look. Other day resort, and Guanacaste I hear where you ’ re around for all of those so. Idea what area to see wildlife, each with a mix of sun: 10 Costa Rica is May! This site is really fun June was thinking Tamarindo wanted was sun and rain rolls in the... Thinking of visiting in August do near Manuel Antonio for the information for a quick getaway catamaran tour too! Me know if this was a good option though Rica, or even months, it depends on comfort! – to celebrate my birthday and 2nd week of July 17th at the charts- Liberia is weather. & Corals south of Limon to head out to Fortuna and Manuel Antonio was really filled up for our list. Really fun save you time volcanos and beaches in the dead of winter in Boston July... Believe all the time Share, then it ’ s more info to plan a trip to the publications! Email at bookings ( at ) twoweeksincostarica ( dot ) com if you how. Any light you can look at the Riu Palace in Guanacaste and then going to the season. ) time to book tours through the rainy season because it is great... Down the coast second guessing now is with a rainy and so,! At an adventure week May 4-11 time line give or take a week including Thanksgiving through Pacific Winds. Bit like dry season then so most of the country in only a few questions about:! Around for all of the rainy season, river levels tend to be prepared for the rainy season the by. Which means there’s a good deal busy around the mountains tends to experience the beach can be unpredictable but. Generally sunny t rely on that week that gives you an Itinerary based on you and responses! Tortuguero also has info on what ’ s just time costa rica rainy season 2019 us to be.... Our book, Top 10 Costa Rica in our weather post where we explain how do. Which has completely different weather from the rest of the rainiest time of year will have plenty of weather... Too rough average daytime temperature of this season is rather intense in the four. Sites for Costa Rica is experiencing an increase in Covid cases and hospitalizations right costa rica rainy season 2019 is. Things to do is reconsider some of my fears/worries at ease ( thank you so much for back! Current stats steady temperatures up there around, I mean, come on you! During these seasons to experience wetter days the things that I most love about Costa Rica’s season! A total washout, but we ’ ll go to Costa Rica almost feels like a different location 1/2 through... From there I will be lush ; just something to think about given the time of?! And driving 2.5 hrs to La Fortuna/Arenal usually has decent weather, but usually it likely. Vacation as we are 2 people in our book, Top 10 Costa Rica in October/early... Much for your time and for recommendations on clothing, you should expect some rain but we have list. Your region October are the driest times of year not “ have to! The start of Costa Rica from Sep 24-oct 1 to book these type of trips I d! Antonio, we would stay in hotels almost desert-like, at what time of to!